Hello my name is Kid Crow…

or simply Crow, representing SBB (Super Bad Boys), ID (Ivory Dukes), WCDIB (We can do it better), legendary GBF and LETTERHEADS Crew. I have been doing graffiti art since 1996 but most of my early stuff was just doodling. After more than 25 years of bending letters I spend most of my time running workshops through my own academy Style Scouts®, curating art projects or producing Walls Don´t Lie Podcasts with my fellow mate Kgee.

Interviews Kid Crow

ilovegraffiti Podcast
My Life in Letters Podcast

Style & Aesthetics

Kid Crow pieces are a hybrid of 1990s semi-wildstyle with a New-York-Twist and a slight of Art-Nouveau-Arabesque. Writers like Dream (TWS), Dare (TWS), Can 2 (SUK), Kesy, Phos4, Ces (FX) and Cowboy69 (ABC) had a huge impact on the way I wanted to style my letters. As a fan of comic books and cartoons since my childhood days I also wanted to add complementary characters to my pieces. Besides graffiti I admire good Calligraffiti and Handstyling.

Things that inspire me:

  • Comic Books & Cartoons
  • Skateboard Culture
  • Art of the 20th century
  • Calligraphy
  • Tattoo Art


When I first saw a real “Hall of Fame” around 1995 in Mataró (which is a small industrial town north of Barcelona) with first class burners from Fasim, Heroe, Zeus/Dose I was completely blown away. I neither understood the meaning of those pieces nor the way these styles were painted so clean and crispy. That was the moment I knew I had been looking for this art my whole life.

Why Kid Crow?

At first I had chosen random names with no connection or specific meaning. Around 1999, I decided to search for a name that I can relate to. Crows are birds with an exceptional bad image, but if you look close they are very intelligent and highly developed. For me it is the same thing with graffiti writing. Bad image at first, but at a second glance you see the quality and beauty behind the art. Plus: You can find Crows everywhere on the planet.

In order to avoid confusion with already existing “Crow” artists I decided to add Numbers (e.g. 106) and around 2005 the “Kid” in Kid Crow was added.
The “Kid” stands for two aspects I find very important: First I don´t take myself too seriously and second I will always have the feeling to be still a kid growing up (remember the scene in Style Wars).

The early years

  • Kid Crow in 1996



  • First tags and pieces in Ansbach (Germany)


  • First graffiti workshop in Ansbach (Germany)


  • Organisation of the Urban Art Festival „Urban Impressions“ with Loomit, Kent, Scout etc.
  • Apprenticeship as media designer (IHK)


  • Youth Culture Award of the City of Ansbach
  • First solo exhibition (Ansbach)
  • Artist residency at Kaya Vancouver (Canada)


  • Biennale d´Art Contemporain d´Anglet (France)
  • Invitation to WCDIB Crew (Munich)


  • Solo exhibition at defacto Erlangen
  • Release of my first book „Letras Salvajes“


  • Founding of the graffiti academy „Style Scouts®“ in Nürnberg together with Hombre.


  • Artist stay at West London Art Factory (London)
  • Several group shows in London
  • Invitation to Ivory Dukes (ID) Crew (London)


  • Group show „Surrounded by Idiots“ (Shoreditch London)


  • Meeting of Styles London (UK)
  • Founding of “Nurban Art”


  • Curation and Participation GoHo Street Art Weekender (Nürnberg)


  • Curation and Participation Betonliebe Street Art Projekt (Nürnberg)
  • Yard 5 Jam (Berlin)
  • Invitation SBB Crew


  • Launch “Walls Don´t Lie Podcast”
  • Curation and Participation Betonliebe Street Art Projekt (Nürnberg)
  • Invitation GBF Crew


  • 25 Years Kid Crow
  • Launch of the Project “25/52/365”
  • Relaunch www.kidcrow.de